Made in Germany

Visions and guidelines

Our vision

"Absolute quality leadership for customer optimized price-performance ratio in our markets"


Our guidelines

  •     we develop and supply since 100 years customized solutions in perfection
  •     we stand 100% for our work and for the deliveries to our customers,
  •     we provide ideas and total solutions,
  •     we are ready on your request / requirements, from prototype to mass production and support,
  •     we have in house all the critical processes,
  •     we integrate our selected supply partners closely in our processes,
  •     we develop and process all modern technologies and materials,
  •     we are highly flexible and provide "time to market" in short time,
  •     we feel responsible for our environment and we take resource-responsibility,
  •     we are a stable, long-term partner for our customers.

financial stability and independence has always developed from all these principles



Basys GmbH
Wilhelm-Fressel-Strae 4 - 21337 Lneburg
Telefon: +49 4131 952 30