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Item number: 0101

The INFO DESK 32 / 42 Digital Information Terminal is there when you need it. Information quickly accessible – easily reached with the touch function, directly on the screen. Can’t be easier and faster. Undeterred by external light conditions, the user on the ultra-high-resolution display immediately get his required information. Upon request, the content (images, videos, animations, etc.) can be played via built-in audio system or printed from the optional, integrated printer. The dynamic, eye-catching images or video content brings life to any installation site. Applications include, for example, Shopping malls, cinema foyers, airports, railway stations, trade fairs or trade. INFO DESK forms one great way to revive your existing website, just bring it on and customers will explore your products and services. Like all displays of BASYS INFO DESK is characterized by its excellent reliability, the elegant, timeless design and optimum safety innovation. Simply unpack, connect it to (W)LAN and power grid and off you go. Real “plug and play”. With extensive design and manufacturing capabilities BASYS is geared up for customized solutions, including content management software. ••• Made in Germany


• Individual color according to RAL, from smooth glossy to matt

• Housing: sheet steel, powder coated RAL
• Screening: toughened safety glass (NOBLE: 8 mm thick, the whole area)
• Dimensions 32" (W × H × D): 860 mm × 1120 mm × 512 mm, Weight: 57 Kg (NOBLE: 60.5 kg)
• Dimensions 42" (W × H × D): 1093 mm × 1157 mm × 562 mm, Weight: 83 kg (NOBLE: 89 kg)
• Screen Size: Diagonal 32" or 42" (81.3 mm / 106.7 mm)
• Resolution: 1920 × RGB × 1080
• LED backlight: 400 or 700 cd/m²
• Contrast: 5000
• Viewing angle: 88° / 88° / 88°/ 88°
• Touch function on IR touch or pcap Touch

Computer / Player / Software:
• Option 1: Industrial PC, Operating System Windows 7 Professional or newer
• Option 2: Android Media Player for energy-efficient performance
• Content management solution for LAN, WLAN or web-based network structures
• Content Update via USB, LAN, WLAN or 3G modem (UMTS)

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